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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Miss U

I am feeling a whole lot better,
Than I was the other day,
Thank you for your help,
That is what I want to say,

Brought me round to thinking,
That what I did was wrong,
Although we are not talking,
You still helped me get along,

I want you to know I am sorry,
I mean it from my heart,
For every stupid thing I did,
To make us drift apart,

I care about you very much,
You will always be a part of me,
I will make something of myself,
Now you just wait and see,

I will keep on dreaming,
That I meant something to you,
For this does give me comfort,
And it helps to get me through,

I am such a pain in the ****,
But I will try my very best,
To let you get on with your life,
And give you a bit of rest,

Remember all my good points,
If there are any that you know,
Please forget all the bad ones,
Before you turn away and go,

I know that you have left me,
I cannot promise not to cry,
But I do love you my friend,
I guess this is my last goodbye.

♥ with love, fara ♥

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