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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥ History of Kingdom 4 AdvenCERDAS.... ♥ ♥ ♥



Once upon a time, there was a castle located far far away in the kingdom of SAMURA. The country was ruled by a handsome and dedicated King Robin. Beside him, stood an active and gorgeous queen named Laren. Their love story began when they entered the same university, Science Muar Royal Academy. Robin, Laren and their friend, Medelina registered as first year students together. As they had already known each other very well, they always had their lunch, classes and study group together.

Robin was elected as the head student as he was a student with great leadership but Laren was nonetheless the brightest student in the university. They were the dynamic duo. During those years they didn’t only gain knowledge but love also starting to bloom between them. As a king to be, Robin knew who he will pick to be his queen.

As soon as he finished his study, he was preparing to take over the throne from his father. Three years later, on the wedding day, Laren was getting ready with her gown and the flower. She can’t be late for this special day, the day she had been waiting for three years. She arrived just in time; she walked down the aisle gracefully as a ‘bridesmaid’ to Robin and Medelina.

Robin and Medelina were gifted with a prince that was named Command. But their marriage couldn’t last longer. Medelina told him that she never loved him; she thought that being a queen will bring happiness to her. So, she decided to run away with her high school sweetheart, Alpha. Unfortunately, Alpha wasn’t any better; he left her when he found out that Medelina had nothing to do with her, not a single cent.

Robin had almost lost his humanity when he learnt that Medelina had left them. He will cry every time he looked at his son’s face knowing that he had lost a mother’s love. By the time Robin was about to put Command under the care of the castle nursery, Laren came to him and offered herself to take care of the prince. Laren always stood by Robin’s side during those rough moments. She also replaced Medelina’s love in Command’s heart as she was the only mother he knew. Then, Robin decided to take Laren as his wife as already a mother to his son. Their marriage was gifted with three princesses, Flichi, Sandy and Cellen.

Growing up as stepsiblings, Princess Sandy and Prince Command could never get along. Even simple thing can be big and will lead to a long lasting misunderstanding. Those two siblings were driving Queen Laren up the wall. Day by day, Queen Laren never gave up praying for them to be in peace, ‘maybe one day’ she told herself.


Their prime minister, Ixora was a legacy breaker, a woman who made it to the top as the first woman prime minister in this country. As a tradition preserver, the prince was actively involved in Dikir Barat. He practiced everyday in the castle backyard with the help of his friends, Toya and Code-dy under the guidance of King Robin as the master of Dikir Barat. They were defending the champion for 5 years in a row.

Marrying a prince maybe an every girl dream but not for Princess Flichi. As a princess, she must follow the tradition of arranged marriage. It was unacceptable to her as she had already found her true love, his name PinoCiyo. She always sneaked out behinds her parents to watch him performed with his band. He was a musician of the royal band of SAMURA. He was going to make his first appearance to the music industry under the direction of the most popular composer in the country.

On the other side of the country, Princess Cellen and Princes Sandy were competing against each other to tackle the heart of the governor to be, the most charming, brave and admirable man in the country. They also went to watch and gave their support to him on each and every rugby game he participated just to steal his attention. They even missed the biggest slumber party of the year that was attended by the entire princess from all around the world just to attend Bonzer’s game. But there was no use because Bonzer was in love with someone else, his colleague, the hockey team captain, Tya. They always met up at the field and went to lunch and dinner together after a match.
Back at the field, the cheerleaders, Ody, Immune, Zinnirah and Wawa were cheering for the one and only heir of the royal crown. On the other hand, their nanny, Madam Clovey told Command to keep away from the commoners because they were only chasing after his wealth and not because of their love.

But the warning didn’t do it, one cheerleader caught Command’s attention, the lucky girl was Immune, the humble of all. Following his sister’s steps, he sneaked out to the field, even simple chat was enough to make Command decided to bring Immune into the castle. Beyond her humbleness, Immune had something up her sleeves. She was actually a witch that was hired by someone to kidnap Princess Sandy.

When she finally met Princess Sandy, she turned from beautiful looking and grace talking girl into an ugly looking and harsh talking witch. She took out her magic dust and vanished with Princess Sandy in a blink of eyes. That incident was such a shock to the king and queen. Feeling responsible as he didn’t listen to Madam Clovey’s advice, Prince Command promised to his parents that he will find Princess Sandy until the highest mountain and the deepest sea.

Actually the person who hired the witch was Medelina, She wanted her part of the royal wealth as she was the mother of the king’s child, Prince Command. When the witch arrived with Princess Sandy, Medelina was very angry. She scolded the witch for kidnapping the wrong person. The witch then said that she remembered Command telling her that Princess Sandy was his stepsister, so she thought that Princess Sandy was her daughter. Medelina then gave up and left the matter to be solved by the witch alone.

With the help of the royal witchcraft, Knoexy, then located the position of Prince Command’s sister. After mixing a few ingredients together, a name appeared, SAMURA Square was the place where the witch kept Princes Sandy. Riding the Nimbus 2000, SAMURA Square felt so close. Holding to his words, he braved himself to fight against the wicked witch. As he stepped on the floor, the witch had already sensed his presence. He quickly ran to the side where he saw his sister was chained to the wall like a prisoner and she was unconscious. By the time he succeeded to release his sister, the witch came out.
Exactly, by the time he saw the witch, he took out his sword and he said, “Over my dead body”. The fight started fair and square but he didn’t realize that the witch had magic. The witch then attacked him with her power. Watching his brother half dead fighting for her, she felt the love they had been keeping from each other for all these years. With the remaining strength, she tried to reach for the sword and with her anger, she killed the witch. When the witch had died, it turned into dust and disappeared into the air. They then apologized to each other.

Outside the castle, lived a wealthy family consisted of Faberella, her two stepsisters, Neezu and Arash and not to be forgotten her evil stepmother, Cruella Medec. As any other girls in the city, Faberella had her own crush. His name was G and he lived with his little brother, One-ney at No. 2, Bestari Road. Weirdly, she hated One-ney as much as she loved G. She met One-ney every day as they were studying in the same school. Every time Faberella started to talk about G, One-ney will interrupt to stop her from talking about his brother. That irritated Faberella so much that they started to fight and the same scenario repeated itself everyday.


All of these were about to change. After winning the National Band Competition representing the kingdom of SAMURA, PinoCiyo had been appointed as the Minister of Culture and Heritage. This was his chance to marry Princess Flichi. On the night he conducted his royal orchestra for the celebration of the Independence Day, he proposed to Princess Flichi under the sparkle of the fireworks. She accepted after getting approval from her parents. They then got married two weeks later in the castle and they lived happily ever after.

There was a different story going on with her sisters. Bone-zer did not choose neither one; instead he picked Tya to be his wife as they have the same hobby that was playing sports. Their wedding was sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and was held at the National Stadium. Doing her job, Madam Clovey told the two princesses that they were still young to be involved in love.

The love story in the city was ending the other way around, the reason One-ney always stopped Faberella from talking about his brother was because he wanted Faberella’s attention. He was waiting for Faberella to notice him and get to know him instead of talking about his brother. Faberella was shocked when One-ney’s best friend, Acha told her about One-ney’s feeling towards her. It was the same day when G went to further his study and he had been rejected Faberella after he knew One-ney’s feeling towards Faberella. Faberella was so sad after being rejected by G. Faberella was regretted all the days she had wasted hating someone who really loved her.


One-ney was not only good looking but his family was very rich as he was the king’s nephew. Faberella invited her stepmother and her stepsisters to her wedding that will be held at the castle ballroom and this was a great chance for Medec to crash the wedding. The wedding is just around the corner that was only one more week to go. This period of time was just enough for Medec to plan the crashing.

As day passed, the big day finally arrived, Medec came into Faberella’s dressing room to congratulate her and she apologized for all that she done wrong and burdened with all those works and she left the room with the evil plans in her head. Tears came down rolling Faberella’s cheeks; she was touched by Medec’s action.

Just when One-ney started to put on the ring into Faberella’s finger, a man claimed that Faberella was his beloved. He said that Faberella only loved One-ney because of his wealth. That statement was able to make One-ney suspicious. Medec then came out from the crowd and said she was ashamed of Faberella so she suggested that Neezu will replace Faberella to cover the embarrassment and Neezu had always loved One-ney. By the look of One-ney’s face, Medec was sure that all the wealth will be hers.

But what she didn’t know that the king was there, he was full of anger. He demanded the truth or Faberella and her beloved will be punished along with their family as they had betrayed his nephew. Frightened by the warning and thinking of his wife and kids, the man confessed to the king that he had nothing to do with Faberella, this was all Medec’s plan, she paid him to do so, to crash the wedding. He accepted it as he was threatened that she will kill his family if he didn’t want to cooperate.

The king then decided to release the man as he knew that the man was a victim. Then King robin called out upon Medec. Medec was trying to run away but the guard was able to catch her. When the guard handed Medec over, the king and queen stood petrified for a few minutes and couldn’t believe their eyes. Doubtful she said “errr…Medelina is that you….?”

“Yes, it’s me!!” Faberella then came crying, she asked how could she done such a horrible thing. She told all the things she went through, she didn’t get the royal wealth, and she was dumped by her so called boyfriend. She then changed her name to Cruella Medec to forget her passed and that she killed Faberella’s father to get his wealth. Now the wealth from Faberella’s father was starting to finish. Her last chance was to get the wealth from One-ney. She also told them that she was the one who kidnapped Princess Sandy where the witch wrongly kidnapped her over Prince Command. But again her plan was ruined. Softly, Queen Laren advised her to stop doing bad things as it only brought harm to her.

King Robin decided to punish Medec and her family, but it was objected by Faberella. She suggested that her stepmother and stepsisters could do some charity for as long as they live. She didn’t want to lost her only family. After the matter had been settled, the event continued, One-ney apologized to Faberella for being suspicious. Finally, One-ney got to put the ring into Faberella’s finger as a symbol of their marriage.


When all those events took place, their prime minister, Ixora was worried about their country. They had been living in the country for almost 25 years but it still did not have a name in her dream, a fairy came by the name AC, upon the inspiration of AC, the prime minister came up with a name of AdvenCERDAS.

King Robin – Muhammad Nurhafiz
Queen Laren – Nurul Nadia
Cruella Medec / Medelina – Nadhirah Jaafar
Prime Minister / Ixora – Umi Khadijah
Prince Command – Muhammad Haidar
Princess Sandy – Siti Nurdhuha
Princess Flichi – Nor Syahirah
PinoCiyo / Ciyo – Muhammad Syafiq
Princess Cellen – Fatin Hanani
Code-dy – Tuan Rizuan Syah
Tow-ya – Ahmad Syahmi Affiq
Witch / Immune – Siti Zaharah
Madame Clovey – Nur Farhana
Neezu – Nur Syazwani
Arash – Nur ‘Izzah Hanis
Faberella – Farah Irina
One-ney – Aisamuddin Ardi
Acha - Raisya
Ody / Vellody – Erza Sazmiza
Knoexy – Nur Athira
Wawa – Najwa Adibah
Zinnirah – Farrah Nur Zulaiqha
Bone-zer – Alif Hamizan
Tya – Nurul Fatihah
AC – Nur Aqilah

♥ ♥ ♥ Special dedicated to all AdvenCerdas and also to the writer of this story>>Ixora.... miss all of U... class="UIStory_Message">♥ ♥ ♥

♥ with love, fara ♥


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