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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Assalamualaikum sume…..

Sorry for not updating my blog for quite a long time… I’m quite busy with my assignments and club report…

After this my club would launching an official website for KOLEJ MARA SEREMBAN GUIDANCE CLUB.... as a club secretary I’m invited if anyone to contribute an article or any opinions about our current issue…

Sorry, for my last article for PPSMI….

It is not my intention to ban all the country side students but if we done some research there is also a rural area student succeed at the university even though their English is not so fluent but if we think deeply it all depends on the students attitude towards study…

I also ask my friends which come from rural area school in Felda, she said if we want to succeed, we must overcome any obstacles in front of us.. Don’t let the obstacles let us down…

Maybe not all can accept my opinions but as for me, to be succeed we must let the language to be the main obstacles but we must overcome it to be a better person in the future… this is my last thread about PPSMI… after this if anyone wants to give their opinion and critic my article all are invited and hope there is a debate on this…..

Thank 4 all the opinions from the viewers also… =)
♥ with love, fara ♥

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